County Attorney

Role in County Government

The Ontario County Attorney's Office provides all civil legal services for the Board of Supervisors, the county's approximately 1,000 officers and employees, and over 35 departments, including the Sheriff's Office, Finger Lakes Community College, the Department of Social Services, Health Facility, Soil and Water Conservation District, County Sewer Districts, Public Health, Emergency Management, etc.

Our representation includes:

  • Counsel to the Board of Supervisors 
  • Department of Social Services Representation 
    • Adult Protective Proceedings 
    • Child Protective Proceedings 
    • Child Support Proceedings 
    • Medicaid/Resource Recovery/Estate Proceedings 
    • Human Resources 
      • Civil Service 
      • Disciplinary Proceedings & Arbitration 
      • Federal & State Discrimination Claims 
      • Labor Negotiations with Eight Units
    • Juvenile Delinquency Prosecutions 
    • Participation on a host of boards, commissions, and committees 
    • Probation - PINS Proceedings 
    • Representation of County Departments & Employees
      • Capital Project Assistance 
      • Contract Review 
      • Negligence & Tort Defense 
      • Ongoing Advice as Needed 
      • Self-Insurance Administration
    • Real Property Actions 
      • Environmental Claims 
      • Property Disposal & Acquisitions 
      • Tax Enforcement


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