District Attorney


Welcome to the Ontario County District Attorney's Office. In the related pages here, you will find information regarding our duties and responsibilities, the service we offer, and the courts we serve.

The district attorney is a state constitutional officer, elected by the county electorate for a four-year term. As the county's chief law enforcement officer, the district attorney is responsible for the prosecution of all violations of the law that occur within the county's borders. These prosecutions include felonies, misdemeanors, violations, and traffic infractions.

Additional Responsibilities

Additionally, the district attorney is responsible for handling criminal appeals at all levels of state and federal courts. Ancillary responsibilities of the district attorney include:
  • Extraditing criminals from outside the state
  • Prosecuting forfeiture proceedings
  • Working with victims of crime to help them secure the fullest measure of redress allowed by law
Finally, the district attorney is regularly called upon to advise various law enforcement agencies throughout the county.

Prosecution in Ontario County

In Ontario County, we prosecute between 2,000 and 3,000 criminal cases each year. I am proud of the fact that during my tenure, Ontario County has had one of the highest felony conviction rates and the highest DWI conviction rate in the State of New York. This success is due to the hard work and dedication of quality prosecutors in this office, and to solid investigative work performed by well-trained police officers throughout Ontario County.

Through this site, we have endeavored to provide meaningful information to you. In turn, I encourage you to communicate with us if you have issues, concerns or questions about the criminal justice system.

The fight against crime will always be an ongoing struggle, but we can enjoy continued success in our shared goal to make Ontario County a safe and wholesome place to live, work, and raise families, if we all continue to work together toward this end.