Childhood Oral Health

Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies

What Parents Need to Know
For 70 years now, people in the United States have benefited from drinking water with added fluoride, leading to better dental health. By preventing tooth decay, community water fluoridation has been shown to save money, both for families and the health care system.

Over the past several decades, there have been major improvements in the nation’s oral health. Still, tooth decay remains one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood. Community water fluoridation has been identified as the most cost-effective method of delivering fluoride to all members of the community, regardless of age, educational attainment, or income level.

Nearly all water contains some fluoride, but usually not enough to help prevent tooth decay or cavities. Community water systems can add the right amount of fluoride to the local drinking water to prevent tooth decay.

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Fluoridation Fact Sheet
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