Do the Right Thing

Encouraging Young People to Make the Right Choices

The Ontario County Sheriff's Office is proud to sponsor the Do the Right Thing Award Program.

In today’s society, we are always quick to point out when a young person does something wrong. But what about when they do something right? We believe it’s time these adolescents are recognized when they do the right thing.

It’s about choices – right choices versus wrong choices – which we all need to make in life and we have done our best to instill these same core values in our children. Unlike adults, who are expected to make the right choices, kids need acknowledgment and encouragement when those right choices are made.

About the Award Program

Modeled after several other police agencies programs, such as the Miami Police Department and the Rochester Police Department, the Ontario County Do the Right Thing Award Program looks to award students from grades K – 12 who have shown that they have made the right choices distinguishing themselves as role models and leaders among their peers and community.


Winners receive a plaque, a framed certificate, a gift card from WalMart, McDonald's food coupons, and other prizes to be determined.

Eligibility Requirements

Nominees must reside and attend school (grades K – 12) in Ontario County.