Temporary Assistance

Temporary Assistance manages the Family Assistance Program and the Safety Net Program. These two programs provide temporary cash support to those who are living below the poverty level. The Temporary Assistance unit also manages the federal Food Stamp Program and the Home Energy Assistance program (HEAP).

Eligibility Requirements:

Due to the complexity of the regulations in Temporary Assistance and with each household having different situations, needs and eligibility requirements for the Temporary Assistance programs based on each household’s situation and needs, please refer to the Applicant/Recipient Informational Books (LDSS-5084) link at http://otda.ny.gov under “Forms” for more information for the different programs offered. 

In applying for Temporary Assistance, a "DSS-2921 "Application for Services" must be completed or go to mybenefits.ny.gov. After the application has been completed, attendance at the Applicant Orientation is mandatory when applying for ongoing assistance. The orientation is held Monday - Friday promptly at 9:30am in the Hopewell office, and Monday - Friday promptly at 9:00am in the Geneva office. Once orientation has been completed, a face-to-face interview is needed.

Family Assistance (FA)

Family Assistance provides temporary, financial and other assistance to eligible families with children as they seek financial independence. Employable adults are required to work or participate in activities leading to work for 30 hours a week.

For statistics see 2021 Annual Report

Safety Net (SN)

Safety Net Assistance provides temporary assistance to childless individuals. Able-bodied program participants are required to engage in 30 hours of work or activities that will lead to permanent, unsubsidized employment. Disabled recipients are assisted to become employable, are provided with mandated treatment, or referred to other benefits programs for the seriously disabled.

For statistics see 2021 Annual Report

Emergency Assistance (EAF, ESN & EAA)

Emergency Assistance are one-time assistance programs to help clients deal with different emergency’s such as evictions, homelessness, termination of utilities and other emergency needs.