The New York State Department of State is responsible for the testing and licensing of notaries. The application packet, including instructions, study booklet, test dates, and locations is available at the County Clerk's Office.

Upon notification from the State of passing the written test you must submit the application to the New York State Licensing Commission in Albany with a $60 check or money order. A registration card will be sent to you from the Department of State.

Notary Renewal

At the end of four years, your notary commission may be renewed through the County Clerk's Office. You must submit your renewal card with a $60 check payable to the Ontario County Clerk. This should be submitted as soon as possible once receiving it from Albany.

Once the renewal is received in our office, it will take an additional six to eight weeks for the new registration card to be mailed from the Department of State in Albany.

Notary Changes

If your name or address should change, you are required to notify the State Licensing Commission in Albany at (518) 474-4429 so they may amend your notary file.