Reports, Labels, Etc.

Additional Information

For more information about reports, labels, or electronic data, contact Tammy Luzzi at (585) 396-4383. For more information about available maps, contact:

Available Electronic Data

  • Customized to available information required
  • Data formats available:
  • Excel Spreadsheet (*.xls)
  • Delimited ASCII text file (*.txt)
  • (Can be imported into Excel and other popular spreadsheet programs)
  • Fixed Length ASCII text files (*.txt)
  • Available on CD or e-mail

Available Labels

  • Owner name and mailing address
  • Selected parcels
  • Self-adhesive mailing labels

Available Maps

  • Deed copies
  • Full-size tax maps
  • Nontax map copies
  • Partial size tax maps
  • Survey maps

Available Reports

  • Copies of assessment or tax rolls
  • Cross references - Owner, property location, or tax map number sort
  • Custom reports - Tailored to specific information required
  • Standard RPS reports