Law Enforcement Bureau


The Law Enforcement Bureau is overseen by the Chief Deputy. Responsibilities for law enforcement and related functions are divided between the Road Patrol Division and the Criminal Investigation Division.

Road Patrol Division

Because services provided by the road patrol are scheduled on a 24-hour basis, overall supervision of these functions is shared by two lieutenants, who also oversee the activities of the special sections mentioned below:
  • Patrol - Seven sergeants who directly supervise their particular rotating shifts of 48 sworn officers and 23 part-time officers
  • School resource officers -6 sworn officers assigned to six different school districts
  • K-9 Unit - Five sworn officers and their K-9 partners - One tracking K-9 and four patrol K-9’s used for tracking, crowd control, and officer safety
    • Three of the patrol K-9s used for drug interdiction
    • One of the patrol K-9s used for explosives detection
  • Crime Scene Unit - One sergeant, one part-time officer, and one part-time photographer / clerk assisted by specially-trained road patrol deputies who all share an on-call rotation with the sergeant

Criminal Investigation Division (CID)
CID is headed by a lieutenant who directly supervises the activities of 11 full-time and four part-time investigators supported with two stenographers. This group is responsible for six investigative sections:
  • Criminal Investigation Section – Investigators assigned felony-grade cases that do not fall into one of the specialized areas noted below. Typically six investigators are assigned to this group. This group is supported by one stenographer.
  • Special Investigations Unit – Investigators assigned primarily to narcotics investigations. Typically three investigators are assigned to this group.
  • Juvenile Aid Section – Investigator assigned to cases involving juveniles (person under the age of 16). Typically one investigator is assigned to this group along with one stenographer.
  • Department of Social Services Investigation Section – Investigators assigned to investigate welfare fraud cases. Typically one full-time and two part-time investigators are assigned to this group.
  • Cyber Crime Unit - One investigator performs cyber crime duties in addition to his regular duties. This unit is supplemented with one road patrol deputy who also works in addition to his regular duties.
  • Background Investigations Unit – Three part-time investigators who conduct background investigations on persons applying for employment with Ontario County.