Reporting Potential Rabies Exposures

Calling All Healthcare Providers!

Please take a moment to watch a narrated power point to learn more about rabies prevention in the healthcare setting.  

Click the link to download the MP4 narrated informational power point.

Rabies Prevention Presentation for Emergency Room Healthcare Providers


Dog Bite to HandFor Healthcare Providers

How to Report Animal Bites/Encounters

Per NY State law, all animal bites or potential rabies exposures must be reported to the county health department. To read the laws about reporting animal bites, click here.

Reports to the local health department can be made by phone or by submission of an Animal Bite/Incident Report Form. There is someone available 24 hours a day to take calls relating to animal bites and other potential rabies exposures.

To report exposures occurring in Ontario County:

  • Call (800) 299-2995 or (585) 396-4343.
  • During non-working hours, call (585) 394-4560.   
  • Completed Bite/Incident Reports should be faxed to Ontario County Humane Society at (585) 396-4805.

Ontario County Animal Bite/Incident Reports are available here. For instructions on completing this form, click here.

Bites occurring outside of Ontario County may be reported using this form.

To view the New York State Algorithm concerning potential rabies exposures, click here.

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