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Aug 14

Happy Friday!

Posted on August 14, 2020 at 10:51 AM by Nicole Blakely

What sports are allowed?

Youth sports and physical education are permitted only when the following can be maintained:

  • (1) physical distancing of at least six feet between participants; and
  • (2) a stable cohort, such as a class, that limits the risks of transmission. Activities should take place outside to the maximum extent practicable.

What if the sport cannot be played with physical distancing and cohorting?

For sports that cannot be conducted with sufficient distancing or cohorting, only physical conditioning and training is permitted and ONLY where physical distancing can be maintained. Conditioning and training should focus on individual skill-building (e.g., running drills and body weight resistance training) and should take place outside until otherwise advised by the State Health Officer.


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