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9-1-1 Center Customer Survey


  1. 1. Call Details
  2. 2. Your Experiences.
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  • Call Details

    1. Ontario County Sheriff
      It is the goal of the Ontario County Sheriff's Office 9-1-1 Center to provide the best possible customer service to our community. Therefore, we would like to hear from our customers who have contacted the 9-1-1 Center within the past year. By taking a few minutes to complete our quality of service survey, you will help us determine how successful we are in achieving this goal. Please rate each statement by marking the most appropriate response. Of course, if you wish to discuss any 9-1-1 concerns, please call Chief Communications Officer Stephen DeChick at (585) 396-4658
    2. Please Note
      This form pertains to your experience with the 9-1-1 Center Staff who you spoke with and not the responders (Police/Fire/EMS) that were sent to address the situation being reported.
    3. What telephone number did you call to reach us?
    4. What was the purpose of your call?
    5. If your call was placed on hold, how long were you on hold before you were provided assistance?