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    Please check the program the driver has been referred to.
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    You are directed to attend an ADEPT Driver class and abide by all the rules and regulations. 24 hours after sentencing, go to the ADEPT program web page (found below) and register for your Court Ordered program using your docket number provided at Court. Within seven (7) days, order and purchase the ADEPT program. STOP-DWI & TSP will be notified of your compliance. You will have 30 days from your Court date to complete the program. Failure to complete your Court Ordered ADEPT Program will result in a violation of your Conditional Discharge and a return to Court. STOP-DWI & TSP will send a completion notice to the Court upon successful completion. If you have any questions, contact STOP-DWI & TSB at 585-396-4308. *In order to complete an ADEPT Driver Program, you must have Windows or Mac personal computer and internet access (the program will not run on phones, tablets or Chromebooks).
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