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Canandaigua Inn Park

Admission Fee

Entrance is free

Park History

A remaining piece of the historic Public Square, Canandaigua Inn Park has been largely unchanged since it became county property. The area in front of the old Canandaigua Inn (and now the police station) has always been a great place for visitors to stroll and to appreciate the central fountain which has been modified throughout the years. The only other additions have been landscaping and a historical marker near Main Street.

                       Canandaigua Inn - Fountain Restoration.JPG

This detail from an old postcard shows the fountain in Canandaigua Inn Park as it looked after the 1909 restoration

Canandaigua Hotel  Canandaigua Hotel

 The first hotel facing "Canandaigua Inn Park"      The Canandaigua Inn was built in 1852.  It 
        was Blossom's Hotel, built in 1815               burned down in 1971 and was replaced by 
                                                                          the Canandaigua Police Station

Park Description

Canandaigua Inn Park is located at the corner of Main Street and Ontario Street in Canandaigua, across from the Ontario County Courthouse.  Located on the sight of the Historic Canandaigua Inn, the park features a water fountain and benches where you can relax. 

Canandaigua Inn   Canandaigua Inn

             View from the West                                         View from the North