Consumer Protection & Safety

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Medicare and Medicaid lose billions of dollars to fraud every year. Healthcare fraud undermines confidence in the healthcare system and compromises quality of care - possibly your own or that of your family.

Medicare and Medicaid fraud is a crime. By identifying and reporting it, you'll play a key role in improving our country's healthcare system, and guaranteeing its solvency.

Here are some common fraudulent practices:

  • Billing for goods and services not provided
  • Billing for old items as new items
  • Billing for patient visits that didn't take place
  • Billing for more hours than are in a day
  • Concealing ownership of related companies
  • Falsifying credential sand double-billing
Tips on how to Protect Yourself
  • NEVER give your Medicare of Medicaid number to strangers
  • Don't be pressured into getting medical equipment, supplies, or health insurance
  • Ask your physician to recommend medical services and equipment
  • Don't let anyone talk you into contacting your physician to request a service or product that you don't need
  • Never give your Medicare or Medicaid number to anyone for a "free" service or piece of equipment
  • Remember, if it is free - they don't need your Medicare or Medicaid number
  • Never accept medical supplies or equipment from a door-to-door salesmen
  • Never let anyone look at your medical records or prescription medication unless you've contacted your physician or pharmacist and gotten their approval
If you suspect fraudulent practices, call the SMP Medicare Fraud Hot Line: 1-877-678-4697