STOP-DWI & Traffic Safety Programs

REVISED Memorial Day 3B-scaled

The onset of warmer weather and sunshine comes with increased friends and family gatherings, graduation celebrations and holiday parties.  We encourage everyone to enjoy themselves safely by having a sober ride home!  Ontario County STOP-DWI is working with county law enforcement this summer to have extra details on the roads looking for impaired drivers.  This includes sobriety checkpoints.  Our goal is to get this messaging out to the community to encourage anyone and everyone to ensure a safe ride home!


The mission of STOP-DWI is to reduce the number of persons killed or injured in alcohol and other drug-related crashes, to promote DWI prevention as a public priority, and to coordinate local efforts in law enforcement, prosecution, probation, rehabilitation, public information, education and administration. 

About the Program:
The STOP-DWI Program was created by the State Legislature in 1981 and stands for "Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated". STOP-DWI is based on the philosophy that innovative local efforts are the key to solving the impaired driving problem. The intention of the legislation creating the program was to provide funding for the improvement and expansion of existing programs, and to develop new methods for the evaluation of progress. The emphasis of the program is to coordinate as many deterrents as possible, providing comprehensive solutions. STOP-DWI efforts are funded entirely from fines paid by convicted impaired drivers, no tax dollars are used. 

New York State is recognized nationally as a leader in traffic safety and in particular for continual progress in reducing drug/alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes and fatalities.

Four Ontario County Sheriff Deputies named as 2021 STOP-DWI Top Cops

2022 STOP-DWI Top Cop Recipients

Pictured above: Sheriff Philip Povero, Dep. Ian Hall, Dep. Robert Middlebrook III, Dep. Dylan LaBrake, Dep. Kyle Sweet.

On February 14th, 2022 Deputies Hall, Middlebrook III, LaBrake and Sweet were recognized for their efforts in keeping the roads safe for the residents of Ontario County.  Their combined efforts resulted in getting 45 impaired drivers off the roads.  Congratulations to all on your well deserved recognition!