Special Hauling Permits - Non-Divisible Load & Superload

*The 3 permits below have been converted to an editable .pdf format to allow for electronic information entry.

Special Hauling Permits (Non-Divisible Load; Single Trip or Superload)

Perm 85
Permit 85
SH Route Survey (click image)
Perm 39
Permit 39
SH Permit (click image)
Perm 39-1VC
Permit 39-1VC
Vehicle Configuration Attachment (click image)

Ontario County uses the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) forms shown above to process non-divisible special hauling permits on our highways and bridges. Non-divisible loads are defined on the NYSDOT’s website.

To apply for a special hauling permit, complete and provide the attached Perm 85, Perm 39 and (Perm 39-1vc if necessary) forms and email them to christopher.day@co.ontario.ny.us. In addition, Ontario County requires the following certificates of insurance to be submitted prior to issuing a special hauling permit:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance (Form C-105.2)
  • Certificate of New York State Disability Benefits Insurance (Form DB-120.1)  
Please provide a pdf copy of the insurance certificate with the other hauling permit applications forms.

The special hauling permit fee is $50, payable by check, made out to Ontario County Treasurer. Please mail the check to Ontario County Department of Public Works, 2962 County Road 48, Canandaigua NY 14424 attention: Special Hauling Permit. The permit cannot be issued until payment is received. However, to expedite issuing the permit, a pdf copy of the payment check sent with the permit application is helpful.

Upon receipt of a complete application for a special hauling permit, the County will review the application and if approved will issue the permit via email. The permit will be valid for a duration of five consecutive business days when the move will be present on our facilities. Please be sure to request the duration of the move with your application. Acceptance of the permit requires the permitting agency and/or transporter to indemnify, defend and protect Ontario County and all employees from all liability of claims, demands and costs resulting from any act associated with the move as deemed necessary by Ontario County. Additional studies or analyses may be required by the permittee as part of the application process depending on the load or route. Processing time for the permit can take up to 2-5 business days.