Special Use Process

Ontario County - Gannett Hill Park

ATTENTION:  Lodge rentals may require a special use application. 

If a special use application is required please note your reservation will be pending until this application is received and reviewed by the County.

Please complete and submit the application promptly.  The application is available in fillable-form below. Any questions can be directed to the Park Caretaker at 585-374-6250. Please email all special use applications to specialusepermits@co.ontario.ny.us


Considerations in Review of Special Use  

Applications are reviewed by Ontario County Staff to assure that activities planned are consistent with Park Law.

The County review includes the following and is considered to be classified as a Special Use Event:

1. Planned Events:  All open-to-the-public Ticketed Events, Benefits, Charity Events, Awareness Events, or Fundraisers; All Races, Runs, Walks, Triathlons, or Bicycle or Motorcycle Rides, etc.; all Festivals, Concerts, or Music & Theater Performances/Events, Food Truck Events; all Fishing Derbies, Boating Events, Memorial Events.

2. Exclusive Use of Fields: All single-day or seasonal athletic field use, leagues, tournaments, and athletic events; all fee-based Clinics, Classes, Exercise Classes, Tours, or Recreation Club activities or programs that are not considered Events.

3. Private Rental:  All large (i.e. over-capacity of lodge or shelter) Weddings/ Ceremonies/ Receptions/ Photos, Rehearsal Dinners, Corporate Functions, Company Picnics, Church Picnics, Graduation Parties, Pig Roasts, Fraternity or Sorority Parties, etc. (Rental of additional facilities may be required in order to accommodate your parking, bathroom, or other needs.)

4. Tent:  All Special Use Private Rental, or any other Shelter/ Lodge/Facility rentals with any tents over 200 sq.ft.
All tents must be in conjunction with an approved facility, lodge, or shelter rental.

5. Commercial Activities:  Any groups selling anything on Park grounds need to submit the Special Use Application at least 45 Days prior to your proposed activity for review by the Board of Supervisors.

6. Film/ Photo/ Video: All commercial, non-commercial, or Student Film, Photo, or Video Shoots/ Projects.

Submitting your Special Use Applications  

1.    Choose the appropriate category of Special Use application.  
2.    All applications are fill-able forms online, but must be attached to an email message.

  • Download the Special Use Form 
  • Save it to your desktop as "special use form"
  • Then click "Save As"
  • Then name your file with the following format "park initials", "organization", "Year"
    (example: "GHP-John Smith-Organization-2017.pdf")
  • Fill out all boxes in all sections.
  • Click "Save" when you are done filling out the application
  • Attach your application to an email to specialusepermits@co.ontario.ny.us

3.    You can also submit applications by U.S. Mail, or in person.

Timeline for submission of Special Use Applications

Please fill out the application and submit it to the Ontario County Parks Department via email according to the schedule below:

          A.     Event
                       Commercial Events at least 45 days prior to your proposed event.
                       Non-Commercial Events at least 30 days ahead of your proposed event.
          B.     Fields - at least 30 days ahead of your proposed event.
          C.     Private Rental - at least 30 days ahead of your proposed event.
          D.     Tents - at least 30 days ahead of your proposed event.
          E.     Commercial Activities - at least 45 days prior to your proposed event
          F.      Film, Photo, Video Shoot - at least 30 days ahead of your proposed event.

**Submitting applications earlier than the timeline suggests increases chances of accommodation and permit being issued.
**Applications received later than suggested will be processed but delays could occur. We suggest you contact the Park Caretaker for guidance at 585-374-6250.

**If your organization has several events planned of a similar nature, you only need to fill out the pertinent application once, as long as you also include detailed information about each separate activity date.