View Your Tax Bill

Here are the instructions to find your property tax bills in OnCor:

  1. Click on the blue OnCor symbol at the bottom of any page on the Ontario County website.
  2. Click on the blue "OnCor Property App" link and then click "Ok" to agree to the disclaimer.
  3. When the "Welcome to OnCor!" dialog box appears, choose how you would like to search for a parcel.
  4. Enter your search criteria in the left pane.
  5. Once the parcel comes up on the map, click on “Property #____________” in the tax parcel results pane (highlighted below). Please note the link below is for reference purposes only. This is what you will see when you are in OnCor. 

Tax Parcel

This will open multiple tabs under the aerial map. If the "Tax Bills" tab is not already visible, use the > arrow at the far right of the tabs to get to it.  Two links will appear, one for school and one for county / town.  Tax bills are in PDF format.

 If you need assistance finding your tax bill on OnCor, please call the Real Property Tax main number for assistance 585-396-4382.

** Please note **
City of Canandaigua and City of Geneva taxpayers must call their city, their tax bills are not posted to the county website.