Quarantine Questions


Updated Isolation and Quarantine 

As of April 29, 2022


Positive for COVID-19?

You will NOT receive a call from a case investigator or contact tracer. 

  • Residents may continue to report positive home tests, but the health department will NOT be interviewing these individuals.
  • If you are COVID-19 positive and isolation orders are needed, visit the NYDOH COVID website. 
  • For positive COVID-19 cases, isolations will continue to be 5-days with an additional 5-days of masking. More information for COVID-19 cases: 
    • NYSDOH Isolation and Quarantine Instructions 
    • If you are too ill to return to school or work after 5-days call your healthcare provider for advice and paperwork. You will not be contacted by public health to determine if your isolation should be extended. You will not receive release orders from the health department.

Contact of a COVID-19 Positive Person?

If you are an UNVACCINATED CONTACT and quarantine orders are needed, visit the NYDOH COVID website.

Other helpful sites: