Tileyard Road Bridge Replacement

PIN 4ON006 - Tileyard Road Bridge Replacement

Interested commuters, residents, and the general public are encouraged to review the written and graphical documentation, including a video presentation, available on the project’s webpage referenced above. Comments or questions may be directed to the County’s project manager at the address below or by submitting a written comment sheet, which will also be available on the project’s webpage. The County will accept comments via phone, e-mail, or those postmarked by Friday, February 15, 2021.

The existing bridge is in poor structural condition, lacks shoulders and cannot adequately convey stream flows during a 50-yr storm. The project will replace the bridge with a longer 90-ft span steel multi-girder bridge supported on integral abutments. The new bridge will feature 11-ft lanes and 5-ft shoulders, providing improved safety for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Along with the increased span length, the bridge will also be raised approximately 2.75 ft to provide 2 ft of freeboard under the structure during a 50-yr storm.