2021-2022 Gorham Comprehensive Plan Update

Consolidated Comprehensive Plan

  • Executive Summary
  • Volume I - includes the Plan (47 pages) , Reference maps (19 pages),  Appendix A - EAF Part 1,  and Appendix B Existing Conditions Analysis (27 pages)
  • Volume II - includes Appendices C through F including documentation of community survey and other input (60 pages) and the 2005 Farmland, Open Space, and Resources Conservation Plan (130 pages)
  • Comment form please provide comments by May 1, 2023

This page will display comment form, meeting  materials, and Plan components as they are available.

Materials for March 2022 Community Focus Groups

Draft Town of Gorham Community Vision Click here

Draft Town of Gorham Future Land Use Plan - detail view Click here

Draft Town of Gorham Future Land use Plan - town-wide view Click here

Draft Town of Gorham Potential Conservation Parcels Click here

Summary of Existing Zoning and Land Development Regulations Click here

Meeting link for Virtual Meeting March 22, 2022 from 5 to 7 pm

Meeting link

Materials for August 31, 2021 Open House

August 31, 2021 Public Meeting Presentation

Existing Conditions - this document summarizes existing natural and built environment features and summarizes previous planning studies,  town regulations. and demographic trends 

Existing Conditions maps - 17 maps including natural features, OC agricultural district, community facilities, existing land use and  zoning, and selected maps from 2005 Farmland, Open Space, and Resource Protection Plan and Access Management Plan. 

Narrative Summary of Community Survey Results - the community survey was open from mid-May to mid August.   This document  summarizes the 117 survey responses received.  A revised summary of 144 responses received before the survey closed on September 22, 2021 will be posted shortly. 

survey results-this document provides charts, percents, and written comments.

The Comprehensive Plan Update will include the following additional elements:

Community Vision

Focus Group Report

Land Use and Community Facility Plan

Implementation Plan

Consolidated Plan and EAF