2021 Gift Giving Tree

Welcome to the 2021 Office for the Aging Gift Giving Tree! Your generous purchase will bring holiday cheer to a local senior citizen who may otherwise receive very little or nothing this holiday season.

Participation is simple. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Using your cursor, hover over the various ornaments on the tree. Each ornament will have a code (for example, R01) and the holiday wish for a local senior in need along with their gender to aid you in your gift selections. It will look something like this.
    Gift Code Sample
  2. Once you have selected a senior that you would like to buy for, please make note of the code, then click the ornament you have selected.
  3. If you receive an error message that looks like the image below, that ornament has already been taken. Simply select another. The tree is a popular place, so it may take some hunting!
    404 Error Full Session
  4. Once you click on an available ornament, you will be taken to a registration form. Please fill in your information as requested on the form ( you will be asked for your first name, last name, email address and phone number) along with the code that you recorded from Step 2.
  5. Next, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.
  6. Now, you are all registered for that recipient. It's time to go shopping!
  7. Once you have your gifts purchased, please wrap them and place a sticky note on the package with that same code that you recorded in Step 2. Please drop off that gift at the Office for the Aging. We are located at:

    3019 County Complex Drive, 1st floor
    Canandaigua, NY 14424

    Please have all gifts returned to our office by December 10th so that we have time for our elves to make their deliveries.

    Got questions? Just give the elves a jingle at 585-396-4040.

OFA Gift Tree Click Map Red Bulb 1 Red Bulb 2 Red Bulb 3 Red Bulb 4 Red Bulb 5 Red Bulb 6 Red Bulb 7 Red Bulb 8 Red Bulb 9 Red Bulb 10 Red Bulb 11 Red Bulb 12 Red Bulb 13 Red Bulb 14 Red Bulb 15 Red Bulb 16 Red Bulb 17 Red Bulb 18 Red Bulb 19 Red Bulb 20 Red Bulb 21 Red Bulb 22 Red Bulb 23 Red Bulb 24 Green Bulb 1 Green Bulb 2 Green Bulb 3 Green Bulb 4 Green Bulb 5 Green Bulb 6 Green Bulb 7 Green Bulb 8 Green Bulb 9 Green Bulb 10 Green Bulb 11 Green Bulb 12 Green Bulb 13 Green Bulb 14 Green Bulb 15 Green Bulb 16 Green Bulb 17 Green Bulb 18 Green Bulb 19 Green Bulb 20 Green Bulb 21 Green Bulb 22 Green Bulb 23 Green Bulb 24 Gold Bulb 1 Gold Bulb 2 Gold Bulb 3 Gold Bulb 4 Gold Bulb 5 Gold Bulb 6 Gold Bulb 7 Gold Bulb 8 Gold Bulb 9 Gold Bulb 10 Gold Bulb 11 Gold Bulb 12 Gold Bulb 13 Gold Bulb 14 Gold Bulb 15 Gold Bulb 16 Gold Bulb 17 Gold Bulb 18 Gold Bulb 19 Gold Bulb 20 Gold Bulb 21 Gold Bulb 22 Gold Bulb 23 Gold Bulb 24 Silver Bulb 1 Silver Bulb 2 Silver Bulb 3 Silver Bulb 4 Silver Bulb 5 Silver Bulb 6 Silver Bulb 7 Silver Bulb 8 Silver Bulb 9 Silver Bulb 10 Silver Bulb 11 Silver Bulb 12 Silver Bulb 13 Silver Bulb 14 Silver Bulb 15 Silver Bulb 16 Silver Bulb 17 Silver Bulb 18 Silver Bulb 19 Silver Bulb 20 Silver Bulb 21 Silver Bulb 22 Silver Bulb 23 Silver Bulb 24 Blue Bulb 1 Blue Bulb 2 Blue Bulb 3 Blue Bulb 4 Blue Bulb 5 Blue Bulb 6 Blue Bulb 7 Blue Bulb 8 Blue Bulb 9 Blue Bulb 10 Blue Bulb 11 Blue Bulb 12 Blue Bulb 13 Blue Bulb 14 Blue Bulb 15 Blue Bulb 16 Blue Bulb 17 Blue Bulb 18 Blue Bulb 19 Blue Bulb 20 Blue Bulb 21 Blue Bulb 22 Blue Bulb 23 Blue Bulb 24