Mission Statement

It shall be the policy of the Civil Division to execute in a timely and professional manner properly filed civil orders and summonses within the County of Ontario, as directed by a court of competent jurisdiction. Further, the Civil Division shall maintain appropriate records of civil judgments, and shall lawfully collect, maintain, and disburse monies in connection therewith.


The Civil Division is one of four divisions within the Administrative Bureau. It is under the direction of a civil deputy / sergeant and is staffed by two civil deputies and two account clerk / typists.


The Civil Division is responsible for recording, processing, and serving civil court orders. Types of civil processes include:
  • Attachment
  • Civil arrest
  • Eviction
  • Family court process
  • Income execution
  • Order of seizure
  • Order to show cause
  • Property execution
  • Subpoena
  • Summons
  • Sheriff's sale