Tax Schedule

Real Property Tax Bills

If you are a new property owner in our area, you should know when to expect to receive property tax bills for your property. The Real Property Tax law does not allow for the forgiving of taxes, interest, or penalties due to non-receipt by the property owner of a bill.

Property Transfer

Sometimes, when property is transferred, new ownership information does not get to the tax collector prior to mailing of tax bills. When this happens, the prior owner or their escrow company may receive the tax bill and fail to forward it to the new owner. If you are a new property owner, look for your property tax bill. If it is not delivered within the schedule, call the tax collector or our office at (585) 396-4382. We will provide a telephone number and contact person.


If you have purchased a portion of a property, commonly referred to as a SPLIT, be aware that depending on the time of year the purchase was made, the tax bill may be prepared in the original owner’s name for the entire amount of taxes due on the property as a whole. In order for the tax collector to prepare separate bills, you as the property owner must make a request in writing to the town or city assessor. The assessor will then create an apportionment sheet for the tax collector, and the tax collector will create corrected tax bills.
Merge Request Form 

For splitting a parcel or creating a Subdivision see your local town planning board for further instructions. 

Merge Request Form

Questions about Tax Bills

If you have questions about a tax bill you receive or do not receive, please call us at (585) 396-4382. Do not assume that everything is alright or that someone else is taking care of it. Delinquent property taxes cost you money and could result in tax foreclosure if left unpaid. Nobody wants that to happen.

Escrow Companies

If your taxes are paid by an escrow company, they are obligated to pay your taxes within the interest-free period. If they do not, the interest cannot be charged back to you; it must be paid by the escrow company. The tax collector is obligated to mail a receipt to you within three weeks of payment by the escrow company. If you haven't received your paid receipt in a timely fashion, call the tax collector to verify that payment has been made.


You may be eligible for exemptions that may significantly reduce your tax bill. Contact the assessor in your municipality for information.

Tax Collection & Enforcement

Although the Real Property Tax Department processes and prints property tax bills, we are not involved with tax collection or enforcement. For more information about tax collection and enforcement, see the Treasurer page.