Bid / Quote / RFP Notification

Sign up here to receive a text message or email from Ontario County and FLCC when new bids are added!
Ontario County is also member of The Empire State Purchasing Group for soliciting bids from vendors.

Ontario County does not keep a formal bidders list; by registering with our website or the site below you will be contacted for any bid/quote/RFP solicitations issued that match your commodity codes.

This automatic bid notification system allows your company to receive messages anytime Ontario County has a bid opportunity that matches your company’s line of business. In addition to Ontario County there are other governmental agencies using The Empire State Purchasing Group to post their Bids, RFPs and RFQs.
  To register, visit Empire State Purchasing Group. Once there, use the “Vendor Registration” link and follow the instructions to complete the registration form. If you are currently registered as a vendor on this system, you do not need to register separately for Ontario County.

By creating an account, your company will access bid opportunities from Ontario County as well as instant access to all opportunities posted by the other participating agencies.

In addition, this system offers an e-mail notification service, which automatically sends you a message anytime Ontario County or any other participating agency issues bids, addendums, and awards that match your selected product and service codes. There is an annual fee for this automatic service, which is comparable to the cost of an annual subscription to your local daily newspaper.

If you need help or need assistance in any way, please call the technical support department at IPT by BidNet toll free 1-(800)835-4603. To expedite your request, please ask for The Empire State Purchasing Group.