Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

The development of and adherence to goals and objectives for the Ontario County Sheriff's Office (OCSO) is essential to insure the agency's direction and unity of purpose. It shall be the objective of the OCSO to provide the services generally described within the organizational framework detailed below.

OCSO's goals are:
  • To execute both civil and criminal process as directed by any court of competent jurisdiction and to serve said courts in the administration of justice as required
  • To maintain an accurate system of records in accordance with the law
  • To provide a modern and secure detention facility to the standards of the Commission of Corrections and with consideration for the health and safety of both inmates and employees
  • To accommodate community needs with prompt response by road patrol and / or investigative personnel
  • To provide a 24-hour emergency dispatching facility insuring communications coverage in response to requests for fire, police, medical, or other emergency services
  • To manage county and agency resources as efficiently as possible
  • To ensure continual attention to the need for training all personnel and to make such training available whenever possible
  • To serve and protect the public through education or other contact in order to make Ontario County a safe place in which to reside, work, or travel

Contact Us

  1. Ontario County Sheriff

    (585) 396-4614


    (585) 396-4622


    74 Ontario St.

    Canandaigua, NY 14424



    3045 County Complex Dr.

    Canandaigua, NY 14424


    Emergency: 9-1-1
     Call if you can,
     Text if you can't

    Non Emergency

    • Ph:(585) 394-4560
    • Ph:(800) 394-4560
    • Ph:(585) 924-7750
    • Ph:(315) 781-1200
    • Fx:(585) 394-3245

    Ontario County Jail

    • Ph:(585) 396-1800
    • Ph:(315) 781-1966
  2. Email addresses listed herein are to address general questions and concerns Please do not use to report emergencies or other immediate needs.  Please call 9-1-1 for emergencies and 585-394-4560 for the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office  for other less emergent situations.

    Emergency: 911
    Call if you can
    Text if you can't

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