Historical Census Records for Ontario County

USERS' NOTE: The page numbers of Census records are not always the same in different copies. Page numbers in these indexes are based on the holdings of the Ontario County Records and Archives Center. If you encounter census records in which the index pages do not work, you may want to contact us. You may also want to try the family numbers. Names with stars (*) indicate that the indexers had some questions regarding the correct interpretation of the handwriting. Although every effort was made to have correct indexes, the handwriting in some cases was virtually illegible. The indexers encountered the most serious problems with handwriting and different versions of the Census for the year 1850. If you are certain that an error has been made, please let us know.

Additionally: Please ignore any and all hyperlinks inside of the census PDF files.

Census Index for Ontario County divided by Towns:

Census Indexes ranging from 1820 to 1925 

*Not all towns and census years have been fully transcribed into complete indexes