Bureaus of Public Works

The Ontario County Public Works Department serves as an umbrella to 3 primary bureaus and a handful of other sub-divisions.  Each bureau is overseen by a supervisor who reports to the commissioner of Public Works, Bill Wright. These bureaus and sub-divisions work closely together, many times with other county departments and outside agencies, to provide services and enhancements to the public.

Bureau of Highways

Responsible for the maintenance, construction and operation of all County highways.  There is an Engineering section which has the responsibility of performing all engineering, surveying, mapping and related work required by the department.  There is also a Fleet Management section which has the responsibility for planning, organizing and directing the acquisition, maintenance, operation and disposal of County-owned or leased vehicles.

Bureau of Buildings & Grounds

Responsible for the maintenance and operations of all County buildings, real property, County parks, recreational and other facilities, whether leased or otherwise occupied by County activities.  It is responsible for all public ways, except highways, maintained by the County, all tax title properties while in County ownership and all other County facilities not specifically assigned to other departments and operations.

Bureau of Wastewater Management

Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all sewer facilities owned and operated by the County.  This shall include, but not be limited to, all County sewer districts (Canandaigua and Honeoye sewer districts), together with such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the commissioner.


Please visit each respective Bureau' web page - and sub-pages - for additional information