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Business Emergency Contact Form


  1. 1. Location Information
  2. 2. After Hours Contacts
  3. 3. Alarm Info (if any)
  • Location Information

    1. Please take a few moments to provide the following information. This will allow the Office of Sheriff to respond more quickly and efficiently to any problems at your place of business. When you have completed this form, you may print the form and return it to the Sheriff's Office via mail, or fax (585) 394-3245, or you can submit by email and send the form data to us electronically. Please do not use P.O. Box numbers for the address fields. Information provided on this form is maintained within the 9-1-1 Center and will be used to assist Law Enforcement in the County as well as the Cities of Canandaigua and Geneva Police.
    2. (restaurant, retail, etc)
    3. Does your business have an alarm?
      If Yes, please fill out Alarm Information on page 3 of this form.