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Grimes Glen Park

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* Parking at Grimes Glen is limited and we encourage visitors to park in the municipal lot
 located on Mill Street.  Grimes Glen also does not accommodate large RV's and trailers.

Park History

Grimes Glen Falls Postcard - Circa 1910Located in the heart of the Village of Naples, NY, Grimes Glen is the newest addition to Ontario County’s park system. Grimes Glen officially became a public park in 2008 as a result of a broad-based community effort. Through a combination of generous donations from individuals, businesses, and civic organizations, the Finger Lakes Land Trust purchased the thirty two acre property from then owner Donald Braun. The property was then donated to Ontario County. (Image: Circa 1910 Postcard depicts Grimes Glen Falls)

The park had a long history of public access under Braun and is now a public park in keeping with that history of public use. At the time of donation, extensive remediation was required to return the park to its once pristine environment. An informal, yet integral group of interested citizens known as FroGG (Friends of Grimes Glen: have provided cost-cutting, practical assistance to the county in maintaining the park. FroGG volunteers also serve an advisory role on necessary park matters and help sponsor public outreach events.

Historic Fossilized Tree 

Fossil TreeThe Glen is known for its waterfalls. However, it is best remembered as the source of the oldest fossilized tree in New York. The so-called Naples Devonian Tree was discovered in the glen by D. Dana Luther in 1882. A Naples native who served as President of the village, was a descendent of pioneers who first settled the town. Born in 1840, Dana Luther became interested in geology and spent many years assisting the research of his nephew, Dr. John M. Clarke, State Geologist and State Paleontologist for many years. Mr. Luther served on Clarke’s staff at the State Museum from 1891 to 1916. The fossilized three that Luther discovered in Grimes Glen was removed by paleontologists in 1887 and put on display in the State Museum in Albany. In 1982, the Naples Historical Society published a nine page pamphlet, “D. Dana Luther and the Naples Devonian Tree 1882-1982,” that is still available and relates the complete story of the fossil tree and Mr. Luther.Fossil Tree Marker

Postcard from the NYS Museum showing the
 Naples Devonian fossil tree discovered by
 D. Dana Luther in Grimes Glen

   Historical Marker for Fossil Tree in Grimes Glen

 Pedestrian Bridge 

 Pedestrian BridgeCounty crews have erected a new pedestrian bridge in Grimes Glen Park located in the Town of Naples. The County reused salvaged highway bridge beams and cross members for the load bearing elements of the bridge to reduce costs for the new structure. Also, local artist Darryl Abraham created two mural artwork scenes to enhance the bridge’s appearance. The panels comprising the artwork are built from metal and powder coated in colors consistent with a water and hiking theme. County crews attached the panels to both sides of the structure to cover the large steel members supporting the bridge. In addition, a cable hand railing system on the bridge will help to not impair views of the glen.

See Photo Gallery of the Pedestrian Bridge

See the Before and After Comparison

Grimes Glen Digital Trail Extension: A chance to Experience Grimes Glen in All Seasons! 
Seasons In the Glen is a virtual park experience. The videography of David O. Brown provides all people an opportunity to enjoy the natural sights and sounds of Grimes Glen, a quintessential Finger Lakes gorge and Ontario County park in Naples, NY. Funding for this project was provided by the Federal Highway Administration’s Recreational Trails Program.

View all the seasons at Grimes Glen on our YouTube channel at the link below:

Seasons In the Glen