Our Core Mission, Vision, Values, & Behaviors

A vibrant community where every citizen has the opportunity to be healthy, safe and successful

Provide strategic and responsive public services that are fiscally responsible and sensitive to the
diverse and changing needs of our community

 Open Government
 Ethical Government
 Fiscal Integrity
 Community Engagement
 Stewardship of Natural, Economic, Cultural and Historic resources
 Innovative Leadership and Succession
 Exceptional Service
 Respect for the Needs and Valuable Contributions of Citizens
 Collaboration
 Recognize all employees are critical to achieving the Vision and Mission
 Respect and encourage dedicated service and provide resources needed to serve the public

 Do what’s right and do what’s best
 Lead by example
 Treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity
 Seek first to understand and then communicate to be understood
 Promote lifelong learning for our team
 Smile… it can change the day and demonstrate a positive attitude
 Work together to achieve our best results
 Provide unbiased data and analysis to decision makers
 Focus on “how we can” rather than “why we can’t”
 Be accountable
 Advocate for the needs of the most vulnerable in our community
 Educate and inform the public
 Maintain a safe, respectful work environment
 Understand the impact of your decisions on others
 Humor can be good
 Dream… it is the pathway to our future